Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it work?
A. Everybody is different, there is no absolute answer to this question, but many people who have experienced reflexology are amazed at the effects of their treatment. You do not have to believe in anything, but you do have to try it.

Q. How many treatments will I need?
A. Peoples reactions to reflexology are very different, but depending on your
condition generally people will benefit most from weekly treatments for 4-6
weeks and then maintenace treatments on a monthly basis.

Q. Why would I need maintenance treatments?
A. The human body works in much the same way as a well maintained car, if it is serviced regularly the less problems you have and the parts last longer. It is when we neglet our health that problems begin to surface, problems that may have been building over a period of time. Reflexology helps to maintain a natural healthy balance.

Q. Will it hurt?
A. Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment, but where there are areas of imbalance, some discomfort may be felt, a bit like pressing a bruise or in some cases a slight stabbing feeling. These experiences are only fleeting and serve to indicate that some attention may be beneficial.

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